QRIDA boosting beef businesses with financial support

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QRIDA at Beef Australia 2024

 21 March 2024

Producers seeking financial support to boost their beef business will be able to explore their options with the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) at Beef Australia 2024.

For those with aspirations of launching their grazing venture, QRIDA’s First Start Loan offers up to $2 million as a financial stepping stone to purchase land, carry out the family succession plan or enter a lease or share-farming arrangement.

Local Regional Area Manager for Capricornia, John Metelli, said this loan is a great financial stepping stone for beef producers looking for a pathway into the industry.

“Property prices have been a real challenge for producers wanting to make their break in the agriculture industry.

“The First Start Loan is designed to financially support aspiring beef producers to enter the industry, get their foot on-farm and help them establish their beef business,” he said.

For those beef producers already in the industry, enhancing productivity and profitability will be front of mind. QRIDA’s Sustainability Loan offers up to $1.3 million to help beef producers with the financial boost to improve the sustainability of their farming systems, natural resource management, and financial strategies.

“Our Sustainability Loans offer existing producers a suite of options to improve the productivity and profitability of their enterprise.

“This loan can be used for improving land, adopting ag-tech, diversifying into other ag-related industries, enhancing water accessibility or infrastructure and even expanding producer’s operations,” John suggests.

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Regional Area Manager for Capricornia, John Metelli.

If improving the drought resilience of your beef enterprise is on your to-do list, QRIDA has drought support available. Discover the range of grants and loans tailored to help you weather the adversities of drought including a Drought Preparedness Grant or Drought Ready and Recovery Finance Loan.

“With our drought grants and loans, we are encouraging beef producers to proactively plan for drought before it’s too late. For those currently experiencing drought, we’re here to help your business navigate the financial challenges and build a more resilient beef business,” John said.

And the financial support doesn’t stop there. After an intense disaster season, QRIDA has supported producers on their disaster recovery journey with disaster grants and loans available to help re-establish normal operations and assist with clean-up and recovery costs.

“After disaster strikes, QRIDA is there to assist producers through the clean-up and recovery journey. Our disaster grants and loans help producers get back to business sooner by assisting with cleaning up after a disaster and help with essential working capital costs including wages, paying rent or rates or buying goods,” John said.

Visit QRIDA at Beef Australia 2024 in the Robert Schwarten Pavilion to discover how their financial assistance can boost your beef business. 


Last updated: 28 March 2024